Event Host: Olesya Oleynikova, Profi.Travel Deputy Director General

Official opening of Digital Day 2020

Alexey Vengin, Profi.Travel, CEO

Arnaud Valion, Amadeus travel audience, Global Sales Director

Leonid Marmer, Amadeus, CEO for Russia

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Profi.Travel news in an hour

The main on the market and news of Profi.Travel media holding
Profi.Travel. Alexey Vengin
Digital analytics in travel for marketing of countries, regions, resorts
Profi.Travel. Nadezhda Ebel
Head of Analysis Center
New editorial of Profi.Travel: now also on how the global travel industry lives
Profi.Travel. Artyom Chumak
Editor-in-chief of Profi.Travel portal
The latest B2B and B2C cases: how we make our special projects and advertising campaigns
Profi.Travel. Evgenia Taganova
Head Project Manager
10:50 as travel media of a new format: 1000 microbloggers in tourism
Profi.Travel. Evgenia Taganova
Head Project Manager
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Russia in the context of global travel trends

Profi.Travel has invited speakers from the world’s leading travel market giants of Europe and Asia to Russia to learn how digital is transforming the global travel industry, where European and Asian models of development are leading to and what direction Russian travel industry will follow.

Scoop! For the first time in Russia, the expert from Phocuswright, the world’s leading travel industry research authority, will present the study of the Russian travel market in the context of global trends.

Why is the future of tourism in ecosystems? Solutions and innovations that truly drive the development of European markets
Amadeus. Tatiana Peron
Head of Corporate Innovation Office, Marketing and Communications Manager
Russian travel in a global context: technology development and key growth drivers for the next three years
Phocuswright. Krassi Simonski
Leading Analyst of European Market
Asian online travel and global strategy: what to expect from the Asian giant in Russia Gleb Rybushkin
Head of Marketing, Russia
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Coffee Break

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Panel discussion “Non-tourism travel: how soon will the big players — banks, Google, Yandex — begin to determine the market?”

A few years ago, the arrival of radically changed the rules of the game, not only for hoteliers, but also for tour operators and travel agents. Now Russian tourism market may be faced with a more serious challenge: IT giants, banks, mobile operators and other companies with powerful technological and financial resources are entering the travel market.

What will be left for the travel industry? To wait who will win and integrate into the new system? Or while financial, IT and other heavyweights are occupied by larger markets, to win the special niche in the minds and habits of users?

Profi.Travel has invited Russian largest tour operators and OTA, as well as representatives of “Sberbank”, “Tinkoff Bank”, “Alfa Bank”, “Yandex” and other companies to discuss the future of tourism market in an open discussion.

Dmitry Bobrov,
independent expert

TUI Russia & CIS. Taras Demura
travel audience. Ilya Bogachev, Sales Director in Russia, Central, Eastern and Northern Europe
Tinkoff Bank. Ilya Artemenko, Head of “Travel” department
MegaFon. Marat Sadykov, Head of Partnership Development
TravelLine Alexander Galochkin, CEO
Level.Travel. Eugene Ginsburg, Marketing Director

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Cases of Destination Marketing

How to attract the attention of a tourist and make him think about a trip to your country or region? What channels do Russian and foreign destinations use to attract Russians? What works on the European market and does not work in Russia? The most successful B2B and B2C-cases of destinations for 2019.

Expert review of the most striking advertising campaigns of foreign and Russian destinations of 2019 according to Profi.Travel
Profi.Travel. Olesya Oleynikova
Deputy General Director
Digital marketing of the leading travel destinations on the European travel market: technologies and cases
Amadeus travel audience. Arnaud Valion
Global Sales Director
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Coffee Break

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Practical digital marketing: tools, news, life hacks

Novelties and trends — 2020 and how to combine your marketing tools and activities into an effective system today
DeltaClick, Ruslan Kodachigov
Development Director
Social networks for an official in travel: professional communication with a human face. How to keep a personal and work account and get likes?
SMM-bureau “Ish, Mish!”, Mikhail Ponomarenko
Co-owner of the SMM-bureau “Ish, Mish!”, Lecturer of AKAR and UGMK University
Experience in promoting a tourism product in foreign target markets with minimal budgets
ТTO “Favorit”, Anisia Evdokimova
Executive Director of the event-tourism holding “Favorit”
New travel media: what is high-quality travel content and which media is really worth advertising in 2020?
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