What is #DD2019

The organizer of the conference — media holding Profi.Travel

Profi.Travel Digital Day is a one-of-a-kind event in Russia, that presents the overview of the global travel trends and innovations, while also being practically focused.

  • Global travel trends. What will define the future of the tourism industry in the next few years? Learn from internationally recognized speakers of the biggest travel and digital companies like Amadeus, Skift, Mail.ru, Ozon Travel and others.
  • Theoretics. How to build destination marketing strategy and which promotion channels to choose to promote travel products? Russian and foreign experience in running digital advertising campaigns from leading national tourism boards and tour operators.
  • Practice. What technologies are used for lead generation by the largest tour operators and OTA in Russia? The most relevant digital toolkit presented in clear and simple language and case studies from practitioners.

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Profi.Travel Digital Day 2019 was held on February 4, 2019 in Azimut Hotel Olympic Moscow. If you did not visit the event in person, the video of all sessions is always available for you.

Records of all program sessions in two languages with simultaneous interpretation is available for all registered visitors on the website.

Watch the video of DD2019

For whom is #DD2019

Tour operators

The event is for all who are interested in market positioning of travel destinations in the markets of Russia and CIS. For the marketers of tour operators, DMCs, airlines, hotel groups, national tourism boards, tourism ministries and Russian regional tourist centres.

What to expect?

12 hours
Full immersion into the global travel trends and the digital marketing toolkit that you can apply in your business right now.
20+ case studies
From the experts of Amadeus, Skift, Mail.ru, OZON Travel and the representatives of national tourism boards and tour operators
3000 listeners
Was get an opportunity to adopt the best practices from the trendsetters in digital marketing from around the world.
Simultaneous interpretation and live streaming of all program sessions in two languages on the event landing page and through Skift sources.

Experts #DD2019

Ilya Bogachev
Amadeus Travel Audience
Haixia Wang
Alexei Matouchkine
Lina Shurkevich
Action Global Communications
Alexey Vengin
Andrej Monakov
The Federal Agency for Tourism
Marina Nikulova
Aviareps AG
Leonid Marmer
Olesya Oleynikova
Sascha Nau
Maria Verbova
Atout France
Natalia Sizova
Switzerland Tourism
Nikolay Bastrakov
Alexey Ivanov
Client Impressions Lab
Svetlana Smirnova
Kairat Sadvakasov
NC Kazakh Tourism, JSC
Anneka Roberts
Alexander Sizintsev
TAIS (Transport automatized information systems)
Sandro Cuzzolin
Amadeus Travel Audience
Dmitry Gorin
Mikhail Osin
Constantine Pobedkin
Yana Muromova
Taras Demurah
TUI Russia & CIS
Igor Kozlov
Eugenia Taganova
Vladimir Novoselov
Mail.Ru Group
Olga Tschvanova
Nikita Kravchenko
Alexey Vorozheykin
Feliks Shpilman
Petr Kostyukov
Viktoriya Mihalicyna
Irina Ryumina
Eugenia Koppel
Oleg Basha
Alexandra Ilyina
The Ministry of Tourism of the Tver region
Yan Bogush
St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee
Pavel Targashin
Maria Kochneva

Watch the video of DD2019


Event Host: Olesya Oleynikova, Profi.Travel Deputy Director General

Festive opening of the Profi.Travel Digital Day 2019 conference

Alexey Vengin, СЕО Profi.Travel

Andrej Monakov, Advisor to the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism

Sascha Nau, Head of Marketing, Retail, NECSE Amadeus

World trends of the travel-market. Who will be deciding tomorrow where are tourists flying?

How do the technologies redefine the travel market? What essential digital trends are crucial for your business growth? What innovative tools are already mastered by the market leaders? These and other questions are answered by the international experts — the representatives of the global market players.

Digital transformation in the tourism industry
Amadeus. Sascha Nau, Head of Marketing and Communications, Retail, NECSE
Customer's Journey in the 21st Century
Booking.com. Alexei Matouchkine, Regional Manager Eastern Europe
Global travel insights: understanding modern consumers
Amadeus Travel Audience. Sandro Cuzzolin, Global Sales Director Travel Audience
About the world keys of destination marketing: how the hottest tourism destinations are promoting themselves for European tourists
FinnPartners agency (Great Britain), Anneka Roberts, Associate Vice President of Digital at Brighter PR
Frankly speaking: how to scale the business abroad. The experience of the leading Russian OTA Ostrovok.ru
Ostrovok.ru. Feliks Shpilman, CEO
Profi.Travel. Alexey Vengin, CEO
Panel discussion. Online travel in Russia and the new reality for tour operators: how soon will the market change?

Alexander Sizintsev,
 Director of Economics and Finance of TAIS

Dmitry Gorin, 
CEO Vipservice holding
Constantine Pobedkin, Founder and General Director Onlinetours
Yana Muromova, Deputy Director General of Anex Tour
Taras Demura, General Director TUI Russia & CIS
Igor Kozlov, Head of IT-committee, Tourpomoshch Association
Mikhail Osin, General Director OZON.travel

  • The overview of the Russian and global experiences and relevant trends of online travel in Russia and abroad.
  • Online travel in Russia — is it just the beginning of a long way or a developed market already? Who defines the rules of the game here?
  • What is OTA in Russia and why do they sometimes need offline, too?
  • What should tour operators do: pour money into their own booking system or build a steady relationship with OTA?
  • How does TUI build a tourist Amazon in Russia?
  • What kind of governmental regulation should we expect in the sphere of online sales and how will it affect tourism business?
  • Online sales in tourism: what difficulties do such IT leaders as Ozon.Travel and Yandex Travel face?
  • It is said that everything is going to be online. Why isn’t it the same for Russia?
  • Online and offline sales — in search of the ideal proportion for a TO.
Modern online promotion technologies on the Internet: what works for the travel market?
Analysis of tourist flows using tools of Mail.ru Group - facts, insights, forecasts
Mail.Ru Group. Vladimir Novoselov, Product Development Manager of Predictive Analytic Solutions
How to rule a client on your website? On-the-spot analysis of profitable tour operator websites
Client Impressions Lab, Alexey Ivanov, Co-founder and Head
Media mix for travel marketer: experience and recommendations based on results of the global Skift research 2018
Skift. Haixia Wang, Senior Director of Research
Profi.Travel research: how travel marketers spend marketing budgets
Profi.Travel. Olesya Oleynikova, Deputy Director General
Advertising eco-system Amadeus: winning «hot» tourists without wasting budgets
Amadeus, Ilya Bogachev, Head of Travel Audience Sales in Russia, Central, Eastern and Northern Europe
Digital marketing with Profi.Travel Loyalty: first system for evaluating efficiency of advertising campaigns in tourism business allowing to keep track of real bookings
Profi.Travel. Petr Kostyukov, Digital Manager and Head of the Loyalty Project
How to choose right media platforms to address hot travel audience – on the example of tourister.ru
Profi.Travel. Svetlana Smirnova, Head of b2c Projects Department
Destination e-marketing — best keys in Russia and abroad
Partner of the session — the Action Global Communications agency
5 celebrity couples, 1 romantic online competition and 60 lucky winner couples. Case study of digital mechanics and KPIs estimation in the brand new project by Action Global Communications
Action Global Communications. Lina Shurkevich, Russia Country Manager (Representation Office of DTCM in Russia and the CIS)
Pre-roll campaign “Winter records”: creative solutions and specific features of Youtube advertising campaign
Switzerland Tourism. Natalia Sizova, Marketing Manager MICE & Digital
From an atmospheric video to the full-scale interaction with users. Full cycle digital-campaigns from Atout France: how to turn a destination website into a comprehensive media source
Inbase. Nikolay Bastrakov, Creative Director
Atout France. Maria Verbova, Head of Digital Marketing
A smart mix of digital-channels and budget distribution between b2b and b2c by the example of the Philippines and the Netherlands
Representative office Aviareps AG. Marina Nikulova, Senior Marketing Manager
«Want to know how to sale»: b2b cases in travel industry and surprising trends in online education 2019
Profi.Travel, Eugenia Taganova, Head of Project Management
How to enter the Russian market in 10 days: the experience of Kazakhstan in promotion to professional travel audience
NC Kazakh Tourism, JSC. Kairat Sadvakasov, Deputy Chairman of the Board
Mobile application Visit Petersburg and other advertising channels of the northern capital
Saint Petersburg tourist information bureau. Yan Bogush, Head of Information Technology
Is travel destination marketing with the minimal budget possible? Experience of Tver region
The Ministry of Tourism of the Tver region. Marina Evstratiy ,Consultant of the Promotion Department
How not to lose a tourist in pursuit for traffic
Profi.Travel, Svetlana Smirnova, Head of b2c Projects Department
Coffee break
Evening school of travel-marketologists

For the first time the representatives of the leading advertising ecosystems such as Yandex, myTarget and Vkontakte from Mail.ru Group, Google, Facebook and YouTube will gather on the one stage. 

Together with the experts we will thoroughly understand how to generate leads and not to waste the marketing budget. 
They will present the case studies of advertising campaigns and deliver an overview of the effective digital marketing tools applicable to the travel business.

Advertising toolkit of Yandex.Direct in simple language: inventory of contextual and media ad through travel business cases
Yandex. Alexey Vorozheykin, Leading Account Manager
Trendy advertising channels, mechanics and innovations in digital marketing
Fistashki, Pavel Targashin, Сo-founder, Head of Business Development
Modern e-mail marketing trends: psychological triggers, integration with CRM and the mechanics of economic efficiency evaluation
GetResponse. Oleg Basha, Managing Director of GetResponse Russia
Google Ads: from the advertising video to a purchase. Case studies in the travel business
RealWeb. Google Premier Partner, Certified partner DoubleClick by Google, official reseller Google Analytics 360. Eugenia Koppel, Project Manager
VKontakte: social network instruments for development of travel-business
VKontakte. Irina Ryumina, VK Client service manager
Why offline touristic agencies should develop online sales channel or how to reach 1000 requests per month from the website?
International touristic network «Geography». Maria Kochneva, Commercial Director
Which targeted advertisements are effective for travel market and how to find your way around different formats of the myTarget program? Analysis of the “tourism & travels” segment on the project base of Mail.Ru
myTarget. Olga Tschvanova, Leading Client Manager
What advertising tools of Facebook Ads are applicable for the travel business?
eLama, reseller of Facebook. Viktoriya Mihalicyna, Facebook Leading Specialist in Advertising and Analytics
Paid advertising on YouTube: solutions and examples
eLama, reseller of Facebook. Nikita Kravchenko, Leading Specialist in Advertising and Analytics
User-generated content is more convincing than any other advertising by 7 times.
- Rafael Gabrilyan, Action Global Communications
Bottleneck of travel companies is appealing clickable contextual advertising with the low level of the website usability.
- Alexey Ivanov, ISEE Marketing
To get to London today, I only need a smartphone - to book a flight, hotel, taxi and even lunch - it’s all digital now.
- Maxim Samoylenko, Realweb
Organic reach in social media was diminished by Zuckerberg: organic reach on Facebook is 2% and on Vkontakte - 15%. News content is not effective any more, only community management stays ahead.
- Vlad Titov, Russian Association of Community Managers

How it was:
101 facts of DD2018

At the DD2018 event Profi.Travel managed to gather experts in the spheres of travelling and digital technologies who spoke about trends and tools in digital marketing of travel products and destinations. The program of the event was definitely in demand and provided toolkit that is successfully applied by companies on the travel market in Russia.

#DD2019 will be scale and valuable.

Official location of #DD2019
AZIMUT Hotel Olympic
Olimpiysky prospect, 18/1

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DigitalDay 2019

February 4, 2019
AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow

The record of all program sessions in Russian and English with simultaneous interpretation is available on this website.

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